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When an international company shows interest in Turkish market they will initially investigate the potential, competition strength, price levels, product range, market entry legislations, distribution channels, opportunities of the Turkish market prior to be able to give the decision should they penetrate or not into the Turkish market.

In the case they will decide to penetrate into the market as one option they will cooperate with a local distributor who will buy the product and company won’t be aware of the market. They will know only the distributor. Another option will be to establish their own daughter company in Turkiye and employ a responsible and the rest of the team. In this option since the business is new in the market the risk or uncertainty is remarkable.

We offer with our experienced, dedicated, enthusiastic and highly skilled team attractive solutions to our clients. We do believe ourselves a lot for both creating theoretical information and meanwhile applying this know-how into practice of the sales, marketing and management operations.

During the period of investigating the structure of the Turkish market we apply to several sources for the same information and consolidate all the gathered data to find the most possibly correct information since it is not always easy to gather correct information in Turkish market. We investigate and analyze all the details of the sector with high concentration and motivation before providing our client our final market analysis report with our suggestions as well. We give our client guarantee of accuracy and scope of the report since customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

In the case company will decide as next step to penetrate into the Turkish market we aspire to represent them in the market and manage sales, marketing, management operations. Our company has long and esteemed experience in several sectors and is well known for innovative, outstanding performance. Cooperating with us will enable our client to observe and penetrate into the market step by step. In the case our client will decide to establish their daughter company in Turkiye our partner financial consultancy company can activate the company and follow up the financial headlines.

Additionally, it should be always remembered that Turkiye is a hub for several international companies to penetrate into the regional other markets and we can provide some attractive services accordingly as well.

As we do believe we are an attractive business partner for innovative challenges.

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