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• Unique capability of perceiving the dynamics of the sector and the accepted, confirmed vision to adapt the company accordingly into the sector
• Fifteen years high quality experience and knowledge gathered on esteemed companies.
• The capability of point of view catching the whole which is gathered via esteemed experience on the fields of budgeting, sales, marketing, business development, export and management.
• The vision gathered via the consolidation of esteemed knowledge on the fields of Psychology, Sociology, History, Economy and Business Administration.
• Accepting of permanent evolution, development, dynamism and optimization as the fundamental basis of our company.
• Superior capability to create theoretical knowledge and applying this into practice
• We enable to approach & penetrate international companies into the Turkish market step by step: market research – being their local company representative
• Unique capability and approach in human relations
• Ability and vision to cooperate with the right sources in areas other than competence
• Universal and strategic approach
• Ability to adapt to projects in different sectors or service fields in a very short time period and providing high added value


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